Every detail matters when you are creating the environment to have the high standards in the dog walking industry.

One day I found a set of over 20 keys on the ground on dog hill. Attached to the keys was an identifier, a gym membership tag with their name and membership number. I called the gym and acquired the dog walkers phone number and called her. 15 minutes later she showed up with her pack of dogs and I gave her the keys and she proceeded to put the huge set of keys into her sweat shirt hoodie hand warmer. The problem was that the "pocket", actually the hoodie hand warmer wasn't zipper protected. She put the keys in the same pocket from where the keys originally fell out of.

I was shocked, she didn't realize that she was lucky that someone honest found her keys and contacted her to return them. She probably didn't even realize that the keys were lost. She didn't realize the value of protecting her clients keys. She didn't care that I had the power to access her client's home. It took me less than 1 minute to find out who owned the keys and if I was a crook then I could easily find out the location of the homes of her clients.

Keys should be contained in a pocket that is sealed with a zipper.

Dog walkers are constantly moving and bending over and placing keys in a pocket that isn't zipper protected greatly increases the odds of having the keys dropping out of the pocket. 

MerryMutt can't control how dog walkers carry the keys but we have incentives to ensure the safety of our client's keys.

Dog walkers are financially responsible for lost keys.

Losing keys and FOBs can get very expensive. Dog walkers become protective of the client keys when they know that they are financially responsible for replacing lost keys and FOBs. They will also be responsible for replacing locks.

There is financial risk involved on the dog walkers end. Everyone will treat keys with extra care when they know it will cost them  a lot of money for losing keys.

Keys are marked so that strangers can't identify the address.

Keys are marked in a special way so that only MerryMutt and the dog walkers know the address associated with the keys.

Dog walkers are not allowed to create duplicate copies of the keys.

No one is allowed to created duplicate copies of client keys without the client's consent. Anyone caught making duplicate copies without consent from the client will result in losing their contract. 

Who may enter the client's home.

The client must give authorization to any person who may enter their home. Email or text confirmation from the client is required. 

Locking doors.

Part of fulfilling the service is to lock the client's door when the service is complete. Failure to lock the door will mean that the service wasn't completed and MerryMutt doesn't have to pay the dog walker for that walk.

In the case where there is a problem with the client's lock, the dog walker must immediately contact MerryMutt.com and we will handle the issue directly with the client.
The price alone doesn't tell you much but a company's pricing philosophy is one of the best ways to determine their level of honesty and integrity.

MerryMutt.com has a different philosophy on setting the price for group walks. 
Our method, variable pricing focuses on maximizing the value you get for your hard earned money. 

MerryMutt.com doesn't have a weekly minimum service requirement

We offer our base price of $14 to everyone even if we walk your dog daily or occasionally. We don't believe that you should have to commit to 4-5 dogs a week in order to get the best price.

So how do you buy dog walks? 

You simply deposit money into your account and we will subtract the cost of each dog walk from your account in real time. 

We will remind you when you need to add more money to your account.

How to fund your account?

Payment must be received by MerryMutt.com before you can schedule any service.
If you use our services regularly then you will need to deposit 1 weeks worth of funds into your account to cover the price of the services you'll be using for the week. 

Most dog walking companies only accept payment in the form of cash, CQ or email money transfer. They don't accept payment via credit card because it's very expensive for small businesses to accept payment via credit cards (they charge the retailer 2%-4% per transaction).

We are a little different. 
We accept all types of payments from cash, CQ, email money transfer, credit cards and PayPal. 

Extra fees

In order for MerryMutt.com to have the best prices in the dog walking industry, we pass on the payment processing charges to our clients.

If you decide to pay via cash, CQ or email money transfer then there are no additional charges. 

If you want to have the convenience of paying with a credit card or PayPal then we will deposit the amount we receive from the credit card company or PayPal.

Credit card fees processed with SquareUp : 
2.65% per swiped transaction, 
3.4% +$0.15 per keyed-in transaction, or 
2.65% per invoice transaction.
PayPal: 2.9% + $0.30

Is Your Dog Walker Walking The Walk?

Every dog walker should use PetCloud because it makes the dog walker more accountable to you and the dogs they are walking.

We us PetCloud on all of our dog walks and it enables us to keep precise data for all of our walks. You will see exactly how much time we spend on our walks, you'll see a map of where your dog was walked, you'll see if your dog spent more time in the car waiting or walking and playing. You'll also know in real time whenever we pick up and drop off your dog and if they had a potty break.

Variable pricing

I created variable pricing to offer the fairest price system in the dog walking industry. If we need to shorten the length of the dog walk for any reason (emergencies, inclement weather causing us to shorten walk times, anything) then we will adjust the bill according to the length of the time the dog walker spent with your dog. 

We use PetCloud and that allows us to know exactly how long your dog was walked. If we notice that your dog walker shortened the walks by 5 minutes then we will adjust your bill to reflect the lost time and we will have a talk with the dog walker to find out why they shortened the walk times.

Read more on Variable Pricing

Inclement weather

There will be times when we need to shorten the walk times and even cancel the group walk sessions. In the case where we cancel the group walks, the dog walker will visit your house and give your dog a potty break. We will reduce the fee to $10, that's the price of our potty break service.