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Service Areas For Toronto Dog Walking

Our service area is constantly expanding because of our client referrals. Our service areas include:

Downtown: Alexandra Park Annex, Bay Street Corridor, Beaconsfield, Cabbagetown, Church Yonge Corridor, City Hall, City Place, Corktown, Distillery District, Downtown, Fort York, Grange Park, Harbourfront, King West, Liberty Village, Moss Park, Niagara, Queen West, Regent Park, St. Lawrence Market, Trefann, Trinity Belwoods, West Don Lands.

West End: Baby Point, Bloor West Village, High Park, Junction, Lambton, Old Mill, Parkdale, Roncesvalles, Runnymede, Swansea.
East End: Leslieville, Riverdale, Riverside.

Midtown: Casa Loma, Deer Park, Forest Hill, Moore Park, Rathnelly, Rosedale, South Hill, Summerhill, The Annex, Yorkville.

Uptown: Bedford Park, Chaplin Estates, Davisville, Lawrence Park, Lytton Park, Teddington Park, Wanless Park, Yonge and Eglinton.

North York: Bayview Village, Cricket Club, Graydon, Henry Farm, Hoggs Hollow, Lansing, Newtonbrook, Willowdale, York Mills.

Etobicoke: Humber Bay, Humber Bay Shores, Islington Village, Kingsway, Mimico, Six Points, Sunnylea, The Queensway.
Bloor West Village and Swansea are the perfect areas for families and dog owners. The area is extremely dog friendly and many of the local stores have a bowl of water outside and treats waiting for them inside. 

Bloor West Village is also the home base for, Toronto's premier dog walking company. has the highest standards and the lowest prices in the Toronto dog walking market.

Here is the list of the off-leash and on-leash dog parks that are within a 15 minute walk from the area:
Official Off-Leash Locations and reviews:

1. High Park (on and off-leash)
High park is home to one of the best dog parks in the entire city. You can walk your dog along many of the off leash paths and roads. If your dog prefers chasing and playing with other dogs, then dog hill is the place for you. Some dogs like to swim in the water runoff but I wouldn't recommend that because the water is very dirty.

Most people also take their dog for off leash adventures in the unofficial wooden areas and paths. 

But be careful, High Park has 3 things that can ruin your experience:
  1. The by law enforcement officers. They are easy to spot and most people will warn you when they are in the area. They tend to drive white pick up trucks and mainly patrol Spring Road. Their normal hang out point is the intersection of the foot bridge, Spring Road and the stairs leading to Parkside Drive. They also tend to catch people who enter from the Keele and Bloor entrance.
  2. Coyotes. They tend to come out at dusk and dawn. Be very careful around the Shakespeare theatre, I guess the coyotes enjoy drama.
  3. Unsupervised dogs on dog hill. This is by far the most dangerous spot in the park, especially on weekends. Just look out for the aggressive dogs and watch your knees as the dogs run around and you'll be fine.
2. Beresford Park (off-leash)
This is our home park, 2 blocks away from home. It's all locals and everyone knows everyone. If your dog doesn't have the best recall then I wouldn't go there because the dog park isn't completely fenced in. The dog park doesn't have a fence along the road. If your not a local then don't bother going there.

3. King's Mill Park (off-leash)
This dog park is very easy to miss, you could walk right by it and you'd never know it was a dog park. If your dog loves the water then this park is a good option but be aware of all the goose poo on the field. If your dog likes to eat or roll in goose poo then this isn't the park for you. It's actually a long, long walk south of Old Mill subway station.

4. Sunnyside Dog Park (off-leash)This dog park is on the Lakeshore, the setting is very pretty but the dog park isn't that great. It's small and very loud. If your not a local then don't bother going there.

5. Humber River trail (on-leash)
The trail runs along the Humber River. It's a very beautiful and peaceful setting but be very careful, there are bikes flying by you on the path and the trail is populate with the by law enforcement officers.
6. Ravina Gardens Park (unofficial off-leash)
Many people use this as their home dog park. It is completely fenced in so lots of puppies tend to go there.

7. Western Technical Football field (unofficial off-leash)
This is a local hang out. You'll see a lot of dogs chasing after balls.

8. Willard Gardens Parkette (Lolipop) (unofficial off-leash)
You'll never find this park and it's a local hang out. There isn't too much room to run but if you're short on time it's a great alternative to high park.

9. Rennie Park and the trail (unofficial off-leash)
This use to be an official off-leash park until 1 person complained. This was also our weekday morning go to park when my dogs were puppies. It was a very popular local hot spot for dog owners. There is a big field for running and playing and a nice trail for long walks.

10. Lessad Park (unofficial off-leash)
Don't even think about going off leash in this park. It's a family park and the locals call the by law enforcement officers all the time. If you're idea of a fun time is getting tickets then this is the park for you.

If you live in the Bloor West Village or Swansea area then you might want to consider one of the smaller dog parks around your home on the weekdays before and after work. You'll get to meet the local dogs and neighbours. 
But when time isn't an issue, most people choose to go to High Park because it's simply one of the best dog parks in the entire city.
Introducing variable pricing: We created the fairest pricing system in the dog world.

Ask yourself this: 
"is your dog walker willing to give you a discount on your price that is proportionate to the amount of time that they shorten on the group walk?" in other works, will your dog walker give you a discount when then shorten your play time. 
"is your dog walker charging you $18 per walk and they say the length of time ranges from 45 minutes to 1 hour" in other words they are saying we are taking your dog for a 45 to 60 minute walk but we will charge you for the 1 hour rate of $18. ensures their dog walkers are accountable for their promised service time. 

We use PetCould and their technology allows us to know exactly when your dog was picked up and dropped off. That allows us to determine the exact service time your dog received. 

PetCloud creates accountability because your dog walker now has to prove their exact service time. Demand that your dog walker use PetCloud because it's better for you and your dog.

The Variable Pricing Formula: 

The price of each group walk is $10 + $0.6667 for every minute after 30 minutes. 1 Hour is $14

Variable Pricing Philosophy 

Our philosophy on pricing is simple. You get the exact amount of time that you paid for otherwise we reduce the price on the bill.
  1. We time and monitor all our walks on PetCloud and we will bill the walk according to the length of that was served. 
  2. There will be times when we need to shorten the dog walks due to weather or emergencies and we believe that you shouldn't be charged for the entire agreed upon session.
  3. We are researching and using the latest techniques to shorten play times and we are passing on the savings to you.

  1. The weather was really bad so we needed to shorten the dog walk from 1 hour to 25 minutes. We will charge you $10 for the 25 minutes of service and not bill you for the $14 1 hour dog walk. We will send you service notifications during times when we need to shorten dog walks due to the weather or emergencies. $14 is the base rate for our group walks.
  2. You agreed with for a 1 hour walk but your dog walker only walked the dog for 57 minutes. We will charge you $13.80 (you save $0.06667 for every minute under 60 minutes) for the 57 minutes of service and not bill you for $14 for the agreed 1 hour walk. We will have a talk with the dog walker and they will have to explain why they were 3 minutes or 5% short on service time. This creates accountability for the walker.
  3. There was an emergency and your dog walker needed to shorten the 1 hour play to 33 minutes. We will charge you $10.20 for the 33 minutes of service and not bill you for the $14 1 hour dog walk. We will send you service notifications during times when we need to shorten dog walks due to the weather or emergencies.
  4. Your dog walker is amazing and follows all of our strategies and the result is that they found a way to tire out your dog in 45 minutes instead of using the entire 1 hour walk session. This is exactly what we want from our dog walker. I empower every dog walker to find ways to improve their service. I want dog walkers who spend the effort to figure out exactly what makes your dog happy and tired in the shortest amount of time. Why? Shorter play times are easier on your wallet (this case would be $500/year) and shorter and intense play times are more fun and rewarding for the dogs. Shorter sessions also means your dog spends more time guarding your house. Our goal at is to find honest and reliable people and train them to be empowered dog walkers who are looking out for the dog's best interest. We will give a pay raise to any dog walker who can figure out how to find ways to reduce your service time while giving your dog the best service experience.

As you can see, we are truly a different company. We designed everything with the dog's best interest as the primary objective and we're doing it in a way that's easy on your wallet. It's very hard to find the best service at the lowest price and we are happy to provide you with that because "It's all for the dogs".
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Introducing PetCloud

Check out the Petcloud website and you'll learn why you should demand that your dog walker uses their technology.

Pet First Aid Kit For City Dog Walks

If you're going on a walk within the city then the list of things needed drop considerably. 
The MerryMutt Pet First Aid Kit for city walking includes: 
  • Water for you and your dog, you don't want them drinking pond, puddle, river, lake, muddy water because that will increase the odds of getting sick: leptospirosis, Giardia, Coccidia, Campylobacter, Cryptosporidia. Symptoms range from diarrhea, vomiting and fever and sever cases can be fatal. And any sickness will result in a expensive trip to the vet.
  • A charged cell phone and extra external battery pack. The cell phone is your life line but it's only useful if it has battery life. Cold weather will cause your phone's battery to drain very quickly and sometime you need a quick charge just to reset your phone. I walk dogs every day, I've learned from experience, an extra external battery pack will come in handy.
  • A knapsack, we want a bag that allows us to have both of our hands free. A knapsack with dual straps is also easier on the body and allows us to carry more things.
  • Swiss army knife. You'll be surprised how useful those little tools can be.
  • Cash and cards. They give you the buying power to quickly fix most emergencies.
  • Bandages, gauze and tape.

St. John Ambulance Pet First Aid Kit Contents List

This is the list of items to keep at home. If you're venturing on long walks where you don't have access to the conveniences of the modern world then you should consider bringing a Pet First Aid kit along with you. Also bring along the tools listed above in the city Pet First Aid kit.
  • Triangular Bandage 102 x 102 x 142cm
  • Confirm bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m
  • Confirm bandage 5cm x 4.5m
  • Celsius Fahrenheit Rectal Thermometer
  • Sterile Gauze Pad 10cm x 10cm, Quantity 5
  • Paper Medical Tape, 2.5cm x 9m, 6 Rolls/Box
  • Non-Adherent Pads, 7.5 x 10cm, 100/Box
  • Straight Splinter Forceps, 9cm
  • Tongue Depressors, Quantity 3
  • Nitrile Gloves - large 1/Bag, Quantity 2
  • Elastic Support Bandage, 7.5cm x 4.5m
  • Scissors (rounded edge)
  • Cotton Tip Applicator, .5cm
  • BZK Antiseptic Towelettes, Quantity 3
  • No Bleed 28ml
  • Insect Sting Relief Pads, Quantity 2
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • 36 Unit Plastic Box
  • Padded bag - medium