One of the biggest problems in dog walking industry is that there are some dog walkers who are cheating you on service time. Some dog walkers consistently shorten your dog's walk time and there are a few who flat out lie and don't even take your dog out for a walk.

MerryMutt.com has high standards and we will prove it by outlining how we handle the issue of enforcing service times.

How Do You Know If Your Dog Walker Actually Walked Your Dog

1. Most clients pay for a 1 hour dog walk but how do you know if your dog was actually taken out for a walk by your dog walker. The worst case scenario is that your dog walker just fills in the dog report card and doesn't take out your dog.

MerryMutt.com solution: We usePetcloud for service verification. Your dog's walk starts with a check in proof of service photo and ends with a proof of service photo. Petcloud provides a GPS map that shows where your dog walked. You'll know exactly how long your dog was walked and you'll even see a GPS map of their adventure.

For extra proof of service we can request the dog walker take an in service photo mid way thru the walk.
You'll notice that Barnaby's walk lasted over 1 hour. 1:06.37 to be exact!
This is a real example of our client's walk

We Calculate The Exact Service Time Of Your Dog's Walk 

2. The hardest form of cheating to spot is when your dog walker shortens your dog's walk time. It's subtle and it's very easy to get away with it.
Some owners get suspicious, some place traps like using cameras to verify the length of service time. I say "never get to the point, if you already question your dog walker's integrity then it's already time to find a new dog walker."

MerryMutt.com solution: We use Petcloud and you'll know the exact duration of you dog's walk. We take that 1 step further and use per minute billing so that you only get charged for the exact service time rendered.
If your dog's walk was shortened to 51 minutes then you'll only get charged for 51 minutes. If your dog's walk time was extended past 1 hour then you'll only pay for 1 hour. 
MerryMutt.com solution: We use Petcloud and that provides full transparency and that creates an environment of self regulation. Dog walkers realize that they are being monitored and that forces them to be accountable. The end result is better service and higher standards.