Bloor West Village and Swansea are the perfect areas for families and dog owners. The area is extremely dog friendly and many of the local stores have a bowl of water outside and treats waiting for them inside. 

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Here is the list of the off-leash and on-leash dog parks that are within a 15 minute walk from the area:
Official Off-Leash Locations and reviews:

1. High Park (on and off-leash)
High park is home to one of the best dog parks in the entire city. You can walk your dog along many of the off leash paths and roads. If your dog prefers chasing and playing with other dogs, then dog hill is the place for you. Some dogs like to swim in the water runoff but I wouldn't recommend that because the water is very dirty.

Most people also take their dog for off leash adventures in the unofficial wooden areas and paths. 

But be careful, High Park has 3 things that can ruin your experience:
  1. The by law enforcement officers. They are easy to spot and most people will warn you when they are in the area. They tend to drive white pick up trucks and mainly patrol Spring Road. Their normal hang out point is the intersection of the foot bridge, Spring Road and the stairs leading to Parkside Drive. They also tend to catch people who enter from the Keele and Bloor entrance.
  2. Coyotes. They tend to come out at dusk and dawn. Be very careful around the Shakespeare theatre, I guess the coyotes enjoy drama.
  3. Unsupervised dogs on dog hill. This is by far the most dangerous spot in the park, especially on weekends. Just look out for the aggressive dogs and watch your knees as the dogs run around and you'll be fine.
2. Beresford Park (off-leash)
This is our home park, 2 blocks away from home. It's all locals and everyone knows everyone. If your dog doesn't have the best recall then I wouldn't go there because the dog park isn't completely fenced in. The dog park doesn't have a fence along the road. If your not a local then don't bother going there.

3. King's Mill Park (off-leash)
This dog park is very easy to miss, you could walk right by it and you'd never know it was a dog park. If your dog loves the water then this park is a good option but be aware of all the goose poo on the field. If your dog likes to eat or roll in goose poo then this isn't the park for you. It's actually a long, long walk south of Old Mill subway station.

4. Sunnyside Dog Park (off-leash)This dog park is on the Lakeshore, the setting is very pretty but the dog park isn't that great. It's small and very loud. If your not a local then don't bother going there.

5. Humber River trail (on-leash)
The trail runs along the Humber River. It's a very beautiful and peaceful setting but be very careful, there are bikes flying by you on the path and the trail is populate with the by law enforcement officers.
6. Ravina Gardens Park (unofficial off-leash)
Many people use this as their home dog park. It is completely fenced in so lots of puppies tend to go there.

7. Western Technical Football field (unofficial off-leash)
This is a local hang out. You'll see a lot of dogs chasing after balls.

8. Willard Gardens Parkette (Lolipop) (unofficial off-leash)
You'll never find this park and it's a local hang out. There isn't too much room to run but if you're short on time it's a great alternative to high park.

9. Rennie Park and the trail (unofficial off-leash)
This use to be an official off-leash park until 1 person complained. This was also our weekday morning go to park when my dogs were puppies. It was a very popular local hot spot for dog owners. There is a big field for running and playing and a nice trail for long walks.

10. Lessad Park (unofficial off-leash)
Don't even think about going off leash in this park. It's a family park and the locals call the by law enforcement officers all the time. If you're idea of a fun time is getting tickets then this is the park for you.

If you live in the Bloor West Village or Swansea area then you might want to consider one of the smaller dog parks around your home on the weekdays before and after work. You'll get to meet the local dogs and neighbours. 
But when time isn't an issue, most people choose to go to High Park because it's simply one of the best dog parks in the entire city.


03/08/2016 1:47pm

I live in the area and I didn't know about all of those parks

08/26/2016 7:09am

same here buddy.

01/13/2018 12:26pm

It is good that you created a list of parks that have rules when it comes to dogs in your area. This will provide a safe and peaceful community for it. Parks can have different kinds of people, some may like dogs, but there are some that might not like dogs and may cause trouble when dogs are near them. It is good that the government provides rules not just for dogs so that the park will be maintained properly. It is good that your dog wears a leash every time you walk them to parks.

03/15/2016 9:25am

I love high park

02/13/2018 2:24am

I just heard this premier dog walking company for the first time. It was a rejuvenate business nowadays because the owners of dogs do not know where to jog and stroll with their pet. Mostly on weekends, the family loves to go to the parks for their kids along with their doggy around. Your suggestion of places is the best. I love to wander in the High Park because I can let my dog to play with the other dogs. However, I should not let my guard down to monitor my dog. We want to go to Humber River Park. I want to wander in the river. It gives me peace and reminiscing of the good moments in life. You have a plentiful of suggestions.

Susan F
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Really detailed. Helpful!

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This is very useful information.


Awesome info! Thanks for the link boss.

Brian Reynolds
03/31/2016 12:28pm

Reading all the articles.

Ira Schwartz
04/09/2016 4:25pm

It seems like High Park is really the place to go.


Bloor west village is the best place for dog owners because one year ago, I go with my family to visit this ares and I enjoyed much to see all perfect and enjoyable places with many type of dogs. I thanks to site author for post this article and help me a lot for enjoyment.

12/11/2016 9:40pm

I would definitely visit Bloor West Village and Swansea with my pomeranians, Cody and Chanel. They love hanging around with people and these parks would be a great destination for my dogs. I've been very busy with work so I'm going to reward them with a visit to this place. They've been my partners for the last few years and I treated them like sons. I think this is a nice place to go so wait for me on Saturday!


I think you have noted some very interesting points , thanks for the post.


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