Toronto Dog Walking is the best dog walking company in Toronto. We offer our client's the highest level of service and we have the lowest prices in the dog walking industry. 
Our price for a 1 hour group dog walk is as low as $12.
Watch our videos and read our articles to learn more about 
1% of every walk goes to save the lives of rescue dogs in Jamaica.


How To Properly Submit Scores
04/12/2016 9:15am

The winning side posts the score and the losing side confirms the score.
Example below

Winning side
04/12/2016 9:16am

Winning side beat losing side 8-1

Losing side
04/12/2016 9:17am

lost to winning side 1-8. (make sure you reply to the correct post. I don't want to look for random replies.

05/24/2017 12:09am

Honestly, this is actually the first time I've ever heard of a dog walking business before. Perhaps, this could be such a great and unique idea to start a different business. I bet it's really fun, walking with a pack of dogs and being profitable at the same time. I would love to try your service some day. Thanks for sharing your unique business with us. I would definitely share this with my friends who's really having a hard time walking their dogs once in a while.

09/14/2016 1:41am

I never knew that someone already made a company for walking dogs. But this is genius! From what I know, dog walking could be a part time job for kids or an easy task for people who really need it. Although, the risk could also be high because our pets are very valuable to us. They are like family and entrusting them to other people could be hard.

02/14/2017 7:01am

2014 is really an unlucky year for our family. My father has been fired to his job and my grandmother died because of cancer. All of our savings has been spent in order to diagnose our grandmother, but God said it's already her time. I also been dropped to my school because my parents were unable to support me to continue my study. In order to help my family in financial, I did everything just to earn money. I walked the dogs of our neighbors and it really helped in our family.

02/16/2017 3:10am

That is so nice and good entrepreneurial skills. I have 9 dogs at home and I admit that sometimes I do not have the time to have them a walk with me. Sometimes my mom does all of that, however, she gets tired immediately maybe because of the age. But 12 bucks for an hour is not bad. At least there is someone who will take good care of my dogs. I'll go ahead and ask my mom with this if she's good with it.

Joel Laceda
04/12/2016 9:19am

Post all scores by replying to this post.
1. The winner posts the score by replying to this comment.
2. The loser replies to the winning team's comment.

This is the score submission page for all ladder matches: singles, doubles and mixed doubles

Steve Lee
04/13/2016 7:23pm

Steve Lee beat Federer 8-0

04/13/2016 7:25pm

federer lost to steve lee: 0-8
he didn't even cheat. man is he good. istvan was even cheering for steve saying "i always believed in you steve"

04/13/2016 3:05pm

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