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Post all scores in the Comments section below. 
Format: The winning team posts the score and the losing team confirms the score. 
Use the full names of all the players on both teams.


How To Properly Submit Scores
04/18/2016 9:19am

The winning side posts the score and the losing side confirms the score.
Example below

Winning side
04/18/2016 9:20am

Winning side beat losing side 8-1
(Use the real names for each player)

Losing side
04/18/2016 9:21am

lost to winning side 1-8. (make sure you reply to the correct post. I don't want to look for random replies and use the real names for both sides).

Joel Laceda
04/18/2016 11:45pm

Post all scores by replying to this post.
1. The winner posts the score by replying to this comment.
2. The loser replies to the winning team's comment.

This is the score submission page for all singles ladder matches.

Mike Vyriotes
04/20/2016 9:45am

Mike Vyriotes beat Steve Lee 8-3

steve L
04/20/2016 9:55am

It's true . Mike beats steve 8 to 3

05/24/2016 3:43am

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